Hair is not growing! What could be the reasons behind this?

Who does not want long hair? But what happens if you want? Gradually the hair thins and the volume decreases, but there is no solution. Again, even after using various products for hair growth, when the expected results are not obtained, the mind becomes very upset. right? But why the hair is not growing easily? There are many explanations behind this. Different variables like not keeping a solid way of life, contamination, stress, unequal eating regimen, thyroid, and so forth. are liable for this. In the present article, I will talk about exhaustively the hair development stage and the different purposes behind hair not developing. How about we find out?

Hair Growth Stage:
Before knowing the justifications for why hair isn’t developing, it is important to know well about the hair development stage. There are 4 phases of hair development. They are anagen, catagen, telogen and axogen. Let’s know about these stages-

1) Anagen (Hair Growth or Active Stage) – Most of the hair on our head is in this stage. Each hair in this stage continues to grow for 3-5 years. Hair grows half an inch every month during the anagen stage.

2) Catagen (Transition Stage) – Second of Hair Growth This stage lasts for 10 days. In this stage, the hair follicle shrinks and the hair separates. Hair growth slows down at this stage.

3) Telogen (resting stage) – In this stage, the hair follicles from which the hair separates in the catagen stage, start growing new hair in the same follicle. After lasting for about three months, hair growth stops during this phase, but hair does not fall out.

4) Axogen Stage- In this stage, the hairs actually in the telogen stage start falling out. Hair that falls out when combing or showering remains in this stage. But then more new hair grows. This phase lasts for 2-5 months. Then the hair starts growing again.

Why is the hair not growing?
It is known about the hair growth stage. But if this growth cycle is interrupted for some reason, hair growth stops immediately. Now let’s know about the reasons behind hair not growing –

Genetic factors:
Everyone’s hair is different. Some may have very thick hair, some thin. And someone’s hair is very long, someone does not want to grow! Did you know that genetics can be a cause of such hair variation? It plays a very important role in our hair growth cycle. If someone in the family has a hair loss problem, you may also inherit this problem.

Stress Level:
Any type of physical or psychological stress can hinder hair growth. Stress triggers a condition called Telogen effluvium, where hair prematurely enters the telogen phase. And at this stage hair growth is reduced by 30 percent. There is no direct treatment for this stage. If this stage does not change within six months, the hair growth cycle is affected and hair loss occurs.

Hair breakage:
Ordinarily, a man’s hair grows 6 inches a year. Assuming you notice after this time that the hair isn’t developing, it could be because of hair breakage. This problem occurs if the hair is not taken care of regularly. Excessive use of chemical products and heat styling reduces the moisture and elasticity of the hair. And because of this, hair can become dry and break. People with dry hair tend to have more split ends. If the hair does not get proper moisture, it starts splitting. If this is the problem, it is better to cut that hair.

Not only does hair turn white with age, but it also stops hair growth. As you get older, your hair will continue to shorten in the anagen phase. Along with that, your physical health, food habits, various experiments done on hair, styling, everything controls the hair growth cycle.

Hormonal Imbalance:
Our girls have male hormones called androgens in their bodies. The awkwardness of this chemical can cause abrupt going bald. Hormonal irregularity can be because of different reasons like thyroid, PCOS, feminine cycle, menopause, pregnancy, and so on. If this is the justification for why the hair is falling more, you should counsel a specialist.

Not maintaining a healthy lifestyle:
A solid way of life implies practicing routinely and eating quality food. What are you wondering? Wondering what exercise or food has to do with hair growth? Very much like your body, hair needs nutrients, minerals, and supplements. Many take multivitamin tablets for hair growth. In addition, a lack of iron, protein, zinc, vitamin A, or biotin also weakens the hair and breaks or falls out. Due to this, the hair does not grow. So you need to eat food varieties that can address the issues of every one of these. For instance, chicken, eggs, mushrooms, sharp yogurt, red meat, beans, nuts, and so on. To develop hair, attempt to remember these food sources for your eating regimen. Additionally attempt to walk, work out, or do yoga for something like 30 minutes consistently. Since practice increments blood flow in the body. And this blood circulation helps the nutrients reach the scalp. Which causes hair growth.

Alopecia Areata:
An immune system issue harms hair follicles and causes going bald. As indicated by researchers, this issue is hereditary. Down conditions, asthma, and thyroid issues increase the gamble of fostering this issue. This issue can be decreased with legitimate drugs and phototherapy. Aside from this, regardless of whether you are experiencing infections like pallor, typhoid, jaundice, intestinal sickness, diabetes, and so on., hair might fall. As a rule, even after recuperation, hair development doesn’t get back to its past state.

Thyroid problems:
Unpredictable chemical creation in the thyroid organ harms hair. Similarly, as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism influence the body’s digestion, they likewise influence hair development or going bald.

Hormonal irregularity happens after labor which can prompt balding. A solid eating regimen, ordinary activity, and dietary enhancements can decrease post-pregnancy going bald a ton. Besides, following a couple of months, the issue of going bald progressively diminishes. If for some reason this problem does not decrease then consult a doctor.

You know the reasons why hair is not growing. Now understanding the reason, there will be no problem in taking care of hair.

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