7 types of eye makeup, dress up trendy and gorgeous look.

Eye makeup style is my favorite part of makeup. Because beautiful eye makeup can change the whole look. I love to try different styles of eye makeup. And makeup lovers should know about different eye makeup styles. Instead of repeating a monotonous look over and over again, trying different styles on different occasions can make the look look different as well as trendy. AcTheain challenge is to make the eye makeup beautiful and perfect. So without further ado, here are the 7 types of eye makeup styles and how to do them.

Different Types of Eye Makeup Styles:

1. Neutral Eye Makeup:
This type of eye makeup is normally done on an everyday basis. For example, it can be done quickly and simply with regular makeup in the office, college, university, etc. Neutral or natural eye makeup does not require more than 1-2 eyeshadows.

Blend peach, brown, dark brown, and mauve colors into the crease with a fluffy blending brush. If you want quickly, you can apply the color to the entire eyelid. Besides, those who want to add a little shimmery eyeshadow, can apply shimmery color eyeshadows like champagne, golden, rose gold, peach, etc. If you want, you can also smudge the color T on the lower lash line and highlight the eyebrow bone, and inner corner. After applying liner and mascara, your look is complete.

2. Smokey Eye Makeup:
The individuals who have hardly any insight into cosmetics will have heard the name of smokey eye cosmetics. Smokey eyes should be possible during the day and around evening time. It is also suitable for parties. However, the key to this eye makeup is blending. The more eyeshadow you blend, the more beautifully your eye look will pop.

After preparing the eyelid, apply a dark beige eyeshadow on the lower part of the eyelid. Maybe a dark kajal or gel liner. Smudge it well. Apply dark color on it and blend it. Then, where the line of the dark color ends at the top, blend it with a light color. In this way apply 2-4 colors and blend till the crease. It will go from dark to light color. Do the seam work on the lower lash line as well and blend well. If you want, you can also apply a shimmer color on the eyelid. Then apply liner, mascara, and eyelashes and you’re done.

3. Glittery Eye Makeup:
For those who prefer a very glamorous look, glittery eye makeup is perfect. It is suitable for any party. But it’s best not to wear glittery eye makeup during the day.

First, do everything like normal eye makeup. Like Transition Color, Crease Define, Lid-A Eyeshadow, Brow Bone Inner Corner Highlight, etc. Next, apply glitter glue to the part of the eyelid where you want glitter and apply loose glitter over it. Or, to avoid mess, you can apply the glitter liner to the part where you want to apply the glitter. Applying glitter liner on the crease is the most popular trend now. Assuming you need it, you can do it that way. It will look good.

4. Cut Crease Eye Makeup:
The cut wrinkle eye cosmetics pattern has been around for a long while now, yet at the same it’s still extremely well known. It is still quite popular. Let me tell you before doing this. You may not be able to do it all at once. But after 2-4 attempts it will become easy.

After prepping the eye apply a transition color in the crease. Define the crease with a dark color using a blending brush. Now, follow the crease line with the concealer with a thin brush draw the line in the entire crease, and apply the concealer from the crease to the eyelid as well. Here, if you want, you can draw a line on the entire crease with the concealer, and you can also draw on the half crease. Half drawing is called half-cut crease eye makeup. Now set the concealer with powder. Now you can apply your desired matte/shimmery eyeshadow over it. If desired, glitter can also be applied.

5. Cat Eye Makeup:
Those who like to draw their eyes a little. They can do cat eye makeup. The main mantra of this too is blending.

Define the edge’s usual crease, after applying eyeshadow on the lid, apply kajal or gel liner to thicken and draw along the upper lash line. You can apply a piece of scotch tape on the outer corner as a guideline. It will have a sharp line and wing. Continue to smudge the liner with a small pencil brush. Now take Kajol’s same color eyeshadow and blend it with Kajol. Then again apply kajal or gel liner in the same way. Blend and apply eyeshadow. Repeat this process 2-3 times. Then remove the scotch tape and apply mascara and eyelashes to finish the rest of the eye makeup. That’s it!

6. Hello Eye Makeup:
Try this eye makeup for those with small eyes. In addition, this eye look is very suitable for various parties or dawas.

Prep the lids first, and apply a transition color just above the crease. Then define the crease. Then take a dark color and apply it all over your eyelid except for the middle part of the eyelid. Then blend the color. Then apply shimmery, glittery, metallic eyeshadow on the empty part in the middle and blend it with the dark color. If the middle color is light type, it will bloom well. That’s it!! Then complete the rest of the eye makeup.

7. Spotlight Eye Makeup:
Among the 7 types of eye makeup, spotlight eye makeup is quite popular. Looks great too. If you do it perfectly, you will be appreciated. However, this is a bit tricky to do. But tell me what happens if you try?

Do the first step like Hello Eye Makeup. Apply a dark matte color to the entire lid except the middle of the lid. Then apply the concealer on a thin brush draw a U shape following the crease in the middle of the crease and blend the concealer downwards. Set the concealer carefully with powder. Now take a light shimmery color such as golden, champagne, rose gold, coral, etc., and apply the concealer carefully. Now, in the gap on both sides of the dark color and the shimmery color, blend it with a color that is in the middle of the two colors. Blending these colors will create a spotlight effect in the eye makeup. If you want, you can apply glitter liner on the crease line. Then finish the rest of the eye makeup.

Don’t run away after seeing so much trickery! After a few days of practice, the hand will come.

Roughly, you have learned about 7 types of eye makeup styles. I tried to give you ideas. I haven’t said much about what colors to use here. Use it according to your wish and match it with the dress.

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