Keep the beauty of the eyes by knowing some tips and tricks.

Which part of your face do you like to spend the most time decorating? the eyes Yes, most girls give this answer. No girl does not love to decorate her eyes. If the makeup of the eyes is not beautiful then the whole makeup does not look good anymore. But the eyes will not always look beautiful just by applying dark eyeshadow and eyelashes. Dark spots under the eyes, puffiness, and eye makeup cannot be covered. If proper care is not taken, gradually the beauty of the eyes will fade and there are various problems with it. Let’s know about some regular eye problems and their solutions.

*Dark spots around the eyes:
Staying awake at night, working on the computer, regularly wearing heavy make-up, tension, and side effects of medicines cause dark spots around the eyes. This stain spoils the beauty of the eyes. This scar becomes permanent and crusty if not treated quickly. Problems like itching may also develop.

It can be treated first with home remedies. Mash or chop 2-3 potatoes, half a cucumber (with or without skin if desired) and keep it in the fridge for 15 minutes. Then wrap it in a thin handkerchief and apply it on both eyes for 15 to 20 minutes. Then remove it. Using this way 2-3 days a week will remove black spots.

– Moreover, the raw milk Nani will get good results with 5-7 minutes of massage every day.

– Take a few drops of vitamin E-rich oil and then mix it with cold water.

– If these do not work, you can also use eye creams like the good Body Shop in the market.

*Effect of Dandruff on Eyelids:
If you don’t clean properly after regular use of makeup, dandruff problem occurs. Besides, there is dust or other reasons. This issue causes distress like tingling, expansion of the eyelids, and redness.

Eye cosmetics shouldn’t just be washed off, they ought to be cleaned the correct way. Apply olive oil or glycerine to a cotton ball and slowly remove mascara, eyeliner, kajal, and eyeshadow. Then wash with clean cold water. Then clean the eyelids with baby shampoo or a soft cloth. Finally, you can rub some ice on the eyes for 5 minutes, it will remove the tiredness of the eyes and make them look fresh. Consult a doctor if you have more problems.

*Wrinkling around the eyes:
Fine lines around the eyes are formed due to age or irregular care. Or it gets wrinkled, which looks bad. In more severe cases, injections or surgery are required. So at the very beginning, the right way to remove it must be determined.

– Must use sunscreen protection before going out in the sun.

– Use sunglasses regularly.

– Sleeping on your back will eliminate the problem of snoring, if you can’t sleep on your back, change the side repeatedly. Don’t always sleep on one side.

– The skin around the eyes is quite flexible, so don’t rub or pull too hard when applying creams or anything else.

– Use retin-a cream regularly.

*Swelling around the eyes:
An allergic reaction or crying often causes swelling of the eyes. Mild pain or burning may also occur. Which is very uncomfortable. The mind can’t sit on anything, headache, and can’t see anything.

– Cool a glass of ice-cold water with a steel spoon, then hold it to the eye. When the spoon becomes hot, cool it again and hold it until the swelling subsides.

– Keep a cold bag of green tea on the eyes, this tea bag with natural ingredients is very effective in removing eye puffiness.

– Cold cucumber is good for this.

– You can apply moisturizer thickly.

Some tips:

* Eat regular vegetables, and fruits and drink plenty of water.
* Don’t sit in front of the monitor continuously, rest your eyes.
*At the end of the day do some eye care.
* If you want to thicken eyelashes, clean the old mascara brush well and mix aloe vera gel and castor oil in it. Apply the petals before sleeping. You can understand the result in 7 days.
* Sometimes you can apply the steam of warm water on the eyes with a soft handkerchief, it will remove the eye germs and clean the eyes.
*Give a splash of water in the eyes 5-6 times a day.
* Occasionally look at the green.
*Keep yourself away from tension and get enough sleep.
* Do not wake up at night.
*What you use for hair care, use for eyebrow care as well. Beautiful eyebrows make beautiful eyes pop even more.

Eyes are a precious gift of God, so you should always try to keep them healthy and beautiful.

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