Smokey eye look, 10 tips for perfect eye makeup.

Whenever I go to do cosmetics, I generally hear individuals say, do me smokey eye cosmetics. It’s difficult to come by a young lady who doesn’t have any idea and loves smokey eye cosmetics. I like it too. Because smokey eye makeup changes the look a lot and makes it attractive. Even if many try by themselves, the perfect look does not come. Again it can be seen that due to some mistakes, the smokey eye look does not appear that way. So let’s give some tips today. So that your smokey eye look will be perfect and pop.

Tips to get the smokey eye look:
(1) There is a wedding invitation today, so I suddenly wanted to create a smokey-eye look. He also sat down with the eyeshadow palette and brush. But damn! I don’t know how the look is perfect. It is foolish of you to attempt to tie this. Achieving the perfect smoky eye look will take some practice. So it will be good if you practice 2-1 times a few days before the special event. And to help you, there are thousands of smokey eye makeup tutorials on the internet.

(2) Smokey eye makeup is all about blending. If the eyeshadows are not blended properly, the look will not look good at all. So until a hard line is discernible, blending should be done.

(3) When we go for dark smoky eye makeup, a beige eye primer is a must. For example, if you want to do black smoky eye makeup, first apply a black kajal eyelid and blend it, then apply black eyeshadow. This makes the color of the eyeshadow look very dark and looks beautiful.

(4) Many times it can be seen that after applying beige makeup if you want to make a heavy and dark smoky eye look, the under eye also looks dark. It may be due to the fall out of dark-colored eyeshadows. So if you want to do a dark smoky look, do eye makeup first. Then clean the fall out with a makeup wipe and start applying beige makeup.

(5) If you do smokey eye makeup, the under-eye should be bright. So highlight the under eye with a concealer 2-3 shades lighter than the skin. This will make the smoky look look beautiful and fresh.

(6) It is often seen that the eyes look smaller when you try smokey eye makeup. So those with naturally small eyes can apply white/nude color kajal on the water line and highlighter on the inner corner of the eye. This will make the eyes look bigger and open.

(7) I always talk about the importance of eyebrow drawing. But this is even more important in smokey eye makeup. To bring out the smokey eye makeup, you must paint the eyebrows beautifully.

(8) I think it’s best to keep beige makeup as simple and fresh as possible with smoky eye makeup. Because too much sharp contouring and highlighter can cover the beauty of your beautiful eye makeup.

(9) Long-winged eyeliner doesn’t look good with smokey eye makeup. So you can do just tightlining with smoky eye makeup or if you want you can do thin eyelining just around the eyelashes.

(10) There is one thing, always choose a light and natural lip color with dark or smoky eye makeup. Yes, since the eye makeup is bold, it is good to keep the lip color normal. I think it’s a personal matter. If one can carry a bold lip color, then there is no problem.

Many people find smokey eye makeup too difficult. But trust me, with a few eyeshadows and a few basics in mind, it turns out easy and beautiful.

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